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          "I first came across Strength, Speed and Fitness when I was the head baseball coach at Kiski Area.  At that time I was astounded at the progress the players that trained with them made in the short period of time they had worked with them.  As each of the players became faster, stronger and more agile, their level of play and their self-confidence greatly improved.
          I am presently the head baseball coach at Belle Vernon Area.  Once again I am seeing the benefits of their program in the 12 players that are regularly working under them.  Their improvement has been so significant that other players on our teams (middle school up) are taking notice.  In fact, no less than seven players and their parents have approached me to get information on their program to make arrangements to begin working with them at the conclusion of our current season.
          As a former professional baseball scout and a former college coach, I highly recommend their program for any players wanting to increase their chances of playing at the next level."

Daryl Hixenbaugh
Head Baseball Coach
Belle Vernon Area High School

      "If you are looking to get faster, more athletic, and become a better overall athlete this is the right place for you. I have been going to Ed's for a little over 2 years now and knowing what I know now I wish I would of went sooner. Ed and his staff provide you with the proper form and technique to reach your full potential. They also can do specific work outs that relate to the sport you play, which in my case was football. The drills I did greatly improved my leg strength and flexibility which helped me return a kickoff 85 yards with 1:24 left in the 4th quarter of a game my junior year. Without Ed's extensive training I don't know if I would have been able to break 6 tackles along the way. Another area I specified on was combine training. My sophomore numbers at the Nike Combine were 40- 5.25, Shuttle-5.12, Vertical 20.1, Power Ball Toss- 28.3. Then for my senior year my numbers greatly improved to 40- 4.76, Shuttle-4.03, Vert.- 33, PB Toss- 31. So thanks to Ed and his staff for challenging me and providing tough workouts to get me to that next level of training. Now I have earned a full scholarship to play football at Mercyhurst College and I could not have done it without them. Thanks for Everything Ed."

-Garrett Wild
Baldwin High School

Dear Ed-

Strength, Fitness And Speed Inc. has been a great experience for my son.The staff is full of knowledge and they push the athletes to be the best they can be. The kids want to work out harder to be the best at their sport. My son plays soccer year round and he said he feels stronger, has better balance, and can stop and start way better. Thank you to Ed and staff!

TJ Soccer Parent
Thomas Jefferson High School
P.S. I highly recommend this program to adults also!

"Strength Fitness and Speed Inc/Ed Wietholder has done wonders for our Bethel Park Boys’ Basketball Team.  A year ago, we felt that our team physically/mentally wore down as the games/season went on.   Our mission as coaching staff before meeting Ed, was to be in better conditioning when the last 2 minutes of our games came around.  With Ed, our boys’ physical stamina noticeably improved while becoming more explosive/agile.The thing that impressed me the most with Ed and his staff- was their ability to adapt to our individual needs...not only as a team as a whole- but the individuals within each workout.  Ed worked around our schedule and was personally in charge of each one of workouts.

Ed Wietholder’s workouts are great for high school athletes.  He combines hard work with fun which carries over through the season and brings an intensity that is unmatched by other trainers.Our players would 100%  agree that Strength Fitness and Speed has also given an advantage to the players that are going to continue to play in college.  Ed’s program has provided them an experience as to what the expectation will be at the next level in training. I would fully recommend Ed Wietholder to any/all athletes!!! You will not be disappointed.”

-Ben O’ Connor
Former Bethel Park High School
Head Varsity Basketball Coach

"I could not be happier with the gains our players have made while attending Strength, Fitness & Speed.  Ed and his staff do an outstanding job at evaluating a player and developing a workout that focuses on improving the player's weak areas.  I have seen improved technique, improved foot speed and an overall increase in athleticism from all of our players that have trained with Ed.  We are building a great relationship with Strength, Fitness and Speed and they are proving to be a valuable asset to our program."

-Aaron Krepps
Belle Vernon Area Head Football Coach

“My sons have greatly benefited from SFAS. The individualized attention has greatly improved their athletic ability. We started going to Ed after my son had rheumatic fever that affected his joints.  He worked with him to strengthen his legs and improve his balance. After seeing the dramatic difference in him we started taking our middle son to improve his speed and agility for football. The training has also improved their core strength. Strength, Fitness, and Speed works around the busy schedules of athletes and the specially designed training is a great route in taking athletes to the next level.“

-Todd & Chrissy Cole

“My boys play football at Franklin Regional high school and they both have benefited greatly from the training they’ve received from the SFAS staff.  The training has improved their strength, speed, quickness and agility, which in turn has improved their play on the field.  My boys really like working with the trainers.  They work them hard and the results have really paid off.  Thanks for everything.”

- Rich Mihoci father of Ryan and Adam

“Kohl’s ranks all of the kickers, punters, and snappers at the conclusion of the regional showcase camps. I have included Patrick’s rating below:
Has a very quick release and may be the quickest I have seen. This helps him with his snap velocity which he averages .69 seconds. Utilizes his body to maximize his movements and is very strong in his lower body. Patrick has quick feet and is explosive off the line of scrimmage.

I don’t think that the evaluator could have written a better advertisement for Strength, Fitness and Speed if you had paid him for the advertisement. He has come a long way since he started at SFS and he still has a lot of work ahead of him, but Patrick’s time spent working with you and your staff have really paid off. “

Regards, Jeff Hall father of Patrick, TJ Football 2013

“My boys play football at Franklin Regional high school and they both have benefited greatly from the training they’ve received from the SFAS staff.  The training has improved their strength, speed, quickness and agility, which in turn has improved their play on the field.  My boys really like working with the trainers.  They work them hard and the results have really paid off.  Thanks for everything.”

- Rich Mihoci father of Ryan and Adam

“Ed I just wanted to say thank you to you and your trainers for everything you guys have done for Cody. The difference your program has made is AMAZING! The first year Cody came to your facility you not only adjusted his running technique, but you also knocked a full second off his 100m time. The difference your training made was evident in both track and football. Cody has had significant gains every year for the past 4 years, and as far as I am concerned, that was money well spent. We are currently in the process of selecting a college for Cody to continue playing football. Your program has played a significant part in his success thus far, and he looks forward to continuing his training. Thank you for everything you have done. I highly recommend your facility to any athlete looking to take their training to the next level.”

Sincerely,  Jamie Stolar (Cody Stolar, South Park #22 Safety/WR)

“First off, I want to thank Ed Wietholder and all of the staff that make Strength, Fitness, and Speed operate, because without you, I would not be the athlete I am today. My name is Nathan Wojciechowski, I am 22 years old and I had just recently graduated from La Roche College in Pittsburgh . Before I attended La Roche, I went to South Allegheny high school, where I played basketball and football. I was a 4-year player at La Roche for the Men's Basketball Team.

Unfortunately, I did not meet Ed until my freshman year in college, but I am so grateful that I did because he has helped me so much. This past summer was my 5th year working with Ed, and every time I come home, I cannot wait to get back to training with Strength, Fitness, and Speed.

Ed and his staff have helped me so much with my athletics over the years that I cannot thank them enough. They have helped improve my speed, agility, jumping ability, conditioning and my overall athletic performance. I was always so confident going into each summer that I trained, that Ed was going to prepare me for my upcoming season. Always knew in the back of my mind that I was going to be working super hard to reach my goal and become a better player, and Strength,Fitness, And Speed played a big role in that. So, for anyone out there who is looking to take your game and athleticism to the next level, I suggest you get into contact with Ed Wietholder and his staff, because I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with any of the results. Once again, I want to thank Ed and his staff for all that you have done for me up to this point and also in the future.”

Stay Blessed, Nathan Wojciechowski
La Roche Basketball

“Thanks Ed! I can’t tell you how much i appreciated working out with you these past couple years! Your program is amazing and I had a lot of fun doing it! My final 40 time was 4.57!”

Nick Leonello
Pittsburgh Central Catholic Football

I just want to say what an enormous pleasure it has been for Tara. You are a first rate, top-notch sports performance center and the time spent with you and the "2" Justins has made her a better, more efficient athlete. THANK YOU! The advanced training she received will surely put her a step ahead when she gets into camp at Maryland!

-Sincerely, Gwyn Zollinger(Parent of Tara Zollinger) University of Maryland recruit

Wanted to report to you about Danny’s experiences at camps this summer. He excelled at each tryout in running, jumping and agility drills. Before he came to your establishment he didn’t run properly and was not prepared for the types of drills and testing given by the Universities used to evaluate the boys. I believe at one time last year he was timed in the 40 yard dash at about 5.8 or 5.9. He was timed at the prospect camps at 5.1/ 5.15 consistently. This truly was a remarkable turnaround for him and it could not had been done without you and your trainers work with him over the winter. Many coaches commented on his explosion off the ball on various blocking drills. After working with you and your staff he was well prepared and confident when attending the camps. If he is blessed with an opportunity to play ball in college, we will definitely be contacting you again!

-Pastore Family
TJ Football 2009

"Last year when I got the corner it was typically for a short gain. Your training has changed all of that. This year when I got the corner it was for a sizeable gain."

-Hud Caldwell
Geibel Running Back and Linebacker

"Hey Ed, Hope all is well. Just giving you an update. We had our Conditioning test today. I ran my best 60 time ever with a 6.85. And I lost my footing at the start, so I think I could have done better. I also ran a 46 second 300, which was the second best on the team. I had a 48.7 foot med ball toss as well. I was very happy with all my results and I thank you and Strength, Fitness and Speed for everything!! "

-Brian Lattanzi, USC alum and Rollins College Baseball Player

"Just wanted to let you know that Jessie has been named the starting center mid on Wheeling Jesuit University's Women's soccer team. The starting line up consists of 10 returning upper classmen, who were starters last year and Jess. Jess is the only freshman starter. I attribute a lot of her enhanced performance to the training she receives from SFAS."

-Frank Vilkofsky

Ed, Thanks again for everything. I can't even express how happy I was with the program, especially given the limited space. I will be recommending you and your staff to anyone I know interested in this sort of training. I will be in touch!

-Ed Carr
 WPIAL Baseball Coach

“If you are really serious about sports conditioning, then I highly recommend these programs. I have made more gains in the last seven months under Ed’s guidance than I have in the past seven years trying to go it alone.”

-Don K., strength athlete

"I don't know if you saw this article in the South section of the Post Gazette but it mentioned Joe and specifically his good footwork. We feel that his footwork is a result of the work done at Strength, Fitness and Speed. We want to thank you and the other staff who worked with Joe. Hopefully after football Joe will be able to return before he goes to college."

-Thanks Again, John J. Laukaitis

Ben had his physical for baseball two weeks ago. Last year at this time he was 5’4” 126 lbs. He is now 5’6 1/2” and 156 lbs…30 lbs in one year and with no fat gain! He was moved to third base and has won the starting job and is batting second in the lineup. He, Sam Mattei, and Jon White are starting as sophomores at GCC. All have trained at Strength, Fitness, and Speed. The GCC coaches commented to him that they could not believe the huge jump in his size and speed gain. They said they just could not keep him out of the lineup. He cannot wait to get back down to you guys once the schedule lets up somewhat. Thanks and I will talk with you soon.

-Dan Webb

Ed- Just want to take this opportunity to share a story with you re: Alex and her recent speed training. During an all star softball game, Alex hit a single and stretched it into a double (that is something that never would have happened last year) It was a special moment for her and she ended up with an mvp for the game. What made the mvp award so special was that it was voted on by the girls from the other team. It was the second mvp of the season for her. She had never received an mvp award for anything before this season. Not only has her speed improved, her reaction time, strength and confidence all benefited from the training. Alex has no intention at this time of participating in sports beyond high school, however this training has given her the opportunity to participate in the sports she does enjoy at a higher more successful and fulfilling level for her personally. Thank you to SFAS. We look forward to working with you in the future.

-Parent of TJ middle school athlete

Thank you for all that you've done for David. We see vast improvements in his speed, agility and strength. It has made a signigicant impact on lacrosse and football.

-Parent of USC middle school athlete

“I could always read plays pretty well on defense and now my feet can get me there.”

-Adam Cole, Belle Vernon Football

"I've gotten a lot faster since I have come here. My coaches and friends tell me it is a huge difference."

-Ben Cole, Belle Vernon Football

“As a result of my daughter, Brittany Lhota, 9th Grade Girls' Basketball, Greater Latrobe, attending Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc., her flexibility, speed, endurance, jumping and strength have all improved significantly over a 5-month period. I attribute this to the personalized training she has received from Ed Wietholder and staff at Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc. Her stability and strength has enabled her to hold her own on the court at the varsity level. If you are looking for your son or daughter to improve their strength and confidence in a sport or other personal goals, then I would highly recommend Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc. You will like what you see."

-Father of Brittany Lhota

“A.J. is really driving the ball with more power. His arm strength is improved and he has added over 10 pounds of needed muscle.”

-Mike L., father of A.J., baseball player

“This is the greatest workout of my life. I have achieved better results than ever in less time.”

-B. Furlong

"If you want to see positive results with your physique no matter what your goal is, then Strength Fitness & Speed is your answer. Ed Wietholder is a highly trained and very professional personal trainer. He has guided me in achieving what I thought was unattainable. Week after week my body fat has been reducing, causing my physique to look leaner. These changes all have come in a short time without the use of fad diets and worthless products."

-Frank G. Altavilla III

"Strength, Fitness & Speed has helped me in many ways. Our first goal was for me to cut body fat, and I have by losing 28 lbs. My 40 speed dropped 3 tenths of a second, and my 10 dropped 2 tenths. I have also noticed a great improvement on my ability to break on the ball, as a linebacker. After finishing many 7 on 7 tournaments, I have been more effective than ever before. I am confident that Strength, Fitness & Speed will be my key to success on the field in my senior season.”

-Mike Morante
Peters Township High School Linebacker #57

"Strength Fitness and speed is the only choice for high school athletes who are serious about  taking their game to the next level. Period. I have been under Ed's training supervision for a little over four years.  Unlike many other training services, Ed and his staff give you their undivided attention to help best suit your athletic needs. Over the last four years I have reached athletic heights on and off the field I thought I would never be able to reach, I have Strength Fitness and Speed to thank for that."

-Tony Mingone
All Conference Brentwood High School
Linebacker/Running Back #11

"Ed Wietholder and his staff at Strength, Fitness, and Speed are first class, affordable, and friendly. Your kids will not only love going , but you can be sure that they are getting a focused, well balanced work-out, that will show results in a short time. I would recommend Strength, Fitness, and Speed to any parent that is concerned about their son or daughter’s overall athletic improvement."

-Mike Mihalov
Pleasant Hills

“SFAS has changed Max’s life. He’s experienced tremendous development as an athlete and an individual. Although Max has been blessed with natural athletic skills, his size, speed, and durability have often held him back. The SFAS experience has proven that something can be done about it. After only 6 months in the program, Max is a different kid. He’s becoming one of the strongest and fast players on his teams and has a better appreciation of the importance of hard work and discipline. Justin Shal, Max’s SFAS trainer, has been an awesome influence on him. Justin is both professional and personable. We feel very fortunate to be working with him.”

-Father of Max

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