“When you have the skills, the strength, and the mental outlook that comes from the weight room, it goes a long way towards helping you succeed on the field.”
-Mike Alstott-- Tampa Bay Buccaneer All Pro Fullback

In order to derive maximum efficiency from the club swinging action, one must have strong legs and hips in order to generate driving power. These forces must transfer to the arms through a well conditioned core musculature. Strong chest, back, and shoulder muscles permit greater club head speed. Stronger arms lead to enhanced club control.

Postural muscles are also key for a consistent swing on every shot. Balance is also a very key aspect in improving one’s golf game. If balance is not maintained during the golf swing, shoulder turn and weight shift will be adversely affected leading to a less than optimal stroke.

Flexibility is also another area that needs addressed to allow for a full swing. Golf specific stretches should be used before and after training sessions.

Another area of concern is the transfer of strength gained to power. Power is not to be confused with strength and is the ability to recruit strength quickly in a short time frame. It is displayed in a leap, a block in football, a swing in baseball, or a swing in golf.


Strength is developed at the facility mainly through the use of free weights. Free weights are supreme since the various stabilizers and co-contractors come into play, not just prime movers, much like during a golf swing. A foundation of strength and stability is necessary in order to build upon this foundation using other modes of training in a safe, effective manner. Other modes utilized include plyometrics, medicine and Swiss ball training.

Plyometrics utilize the body’s stretch reflex to yield a more forceful contraction. The goal of plyometrics is to increase power output. It is the linking of speed and strength to develop reactive power. It also teaches good coordination and agility. One needs a good strength base before performing plyometric exercise.

Medicine ball training is utilized in correspondence with weight or resistance training to develop power. Motions can be multi-planar and sport specific. The core, which consists of the abs, back, hips, and thighs, can be targeted in a sport specific way. Athletic ability is enhanced. The core contributes greatly to body power.

Swiss ball training enhances balance and teaches strength expression and coordination in unstable environments, much like during the golf swing. Activation of prime movers in a motion is 100% only when balance is present during the motion. Therefore, functional strength is enhanced by improving balance alone. Neutralizer and stabilizer muscle action is enhanced. High levels of nervous system activation occur, which leads to a reserve when the athlete hits the golf course.



5000 square feet.
2500 square feet of turf with a mini basketball court.
2500 square feet dedicated to
strength and power.

Hosmer Supply Industrial Park
347A Old Curry Hollow Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236





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