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How Do I Start

What is the procedure?

Here at Strength, Fitness And Speed, we work with athletes ages 9 through the Olympic and Professional ranks.
Step 1) Evaluate: The athlete receives a functional assessment. This is done by appointment. The athlete chooses his training options in conjunction with The Sports Performance Director. Routines are mapped out by the Sports Performance Director.
Step 2) Implement: Performance coaches implement training routines during the athlete's mode of training. The results of the assessment as well as the athlete’s sport, age and position have been taken into account. Athletes train here 1-5 times per week. We strive to set up long term relationships to facilitate total development. Many athletes progress here for years at a time reaching new levels each season.
Step 3) Ongoing evaluation: Performance coaches evaluate as we go, provide feedback to the Performance Director, and adjustments are made workout to workout based on sport season by the Performance Director. Each workout has been specifically designed to accomplish certain goals. Testing is done at approximately 8 to 10 week intervals initially.

Step 4) Performance reports: These will be sent out periodically to show progress.

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More About Ed

Ed Wietholder is the founder and President of Strength Fitness and Speed. Ed has trained many athletes and non athletes as well from the Pittsburgh area. In addition, many have benefited from his routine design and consultation across the United States.

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Why is Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc. the leader in Sports Performance Training since 1998?

The primary reason is that we know a template based program just does not fit every athlete's needs. Systems developed in the 1980's are no longer cutting edge. One standardized system cannot cover individual physiological differences in age, maturity and gender. Here are some more:

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